Daniel Catrambone

Daniel joined K2K in 2019 as a freshman at Newark Academy and joined our board that same year. He is currently a mentor in our swim program. Daniel enjoys sharing his enthusiasm and knowledge for swimming every Saturday with our kids. He enjoys working with swimmers of all ages and abilities and helping them achieve their individual goals and strides in swimming.


Daniel is currently a rising sophomore at Newark Academy, where he serves on the Community Service Council and is a member of Model Congress Club and the Minuteman Society, NA’s in-school service organization. His favorite subjects to study in school are History and English.


Daniel is a member of the varsity swim team at Newark Academy and is in his eighth year as a swimmer for the Morris County Swim Club, where he also works as a Swim Lessons Supervisor and Coach. In the summers, he works as a lifeguard, swim lessons instructor, and Pre-team Coach at the Chester Area Pool. Daniel is also certified as a Water Safety Instructor(WSI) by the American Red Cross.