Rachel Farbman

Rachel Farbman is a part of the class of 2021 at Morristown High School and joined Kids to Kids in sixth grade.

Rachel is a very proud swimmer and Captain of Metro Area Life Time Swim Team, where she has swum since 2010. Rachel is known by her teammates as someone who is always focused on getting her stroke right and cheering on her team. Rachel became a captain in seventh grade, earned the team spirit award, and has brought the team together for multiple coach gifts. She has also brought many of her fellow swimmers to K2K as mentors. She also swims for Morristown High School during the school year, often swimming in relays and the 200 freestyle. When Rachel is asked why she devotes so much time to swimming, she always answers with, “I swim because I love it.”

When Rachel is not at the pool or at K2K, you will often find her doing yoga, reading, or baking. Unlike many of her peers, Rachel has a fascination with history. She loves learning about why people acted the way that they did, and what mentalities forever changed the world. Rachel is often caught giving useless information about history or current events to her family and friends. In school, Rachel is taking honors courses and learning Italian. She is also on the student board of ALL-IN, a club that focuses on creating an inclusive and accepting environment in school. Rachel has consistently been on the High Honor Roll through her time at Morristown High School. We all appreciate Rachel’s sense of humor and her dedication to charitable service.

Kids to Kids has become a big part of Rachel’s life. She was invited to join the board in seventh grade and has consistently held an active role during that time. She has earned numerous Presidential Service Awards throughout her time working in our programs. Last school year alone Rachel volunteered somewhere close to 250 hours. That is in addition to being an excellent student and accomplished athlete. However, the hours are not the reason Rachel devouts so many hours with us. She often speaks of the importance of a program like Kids to Kids. Rachel recognizes the impact this program has on both the special needs community and the high schoolers who are volunteering. She is forever grateful for the opportunity that this program has given her. Over the past few years, Rachel has grown to help K2K with many “behind-the-scenes” aspects of our programs. She is thankful for the opportunity to develop as a leader and advance her communication skills.

Rachel is truly here to help create a safe haven where all kids can become better people. We think we got very lucky when Rachel joined our team and we look forward to her driving our organization forward throughout her high school career.

At home, Rachel lives with her parents, younger sister, and dog.